3 things brought me here today

  1. i wanted to see tosdr of metamask. there’s none. i even forgot “tosdr” name and ended up finding 2 interesting and related gems:
  1. there’s a bug you’re probably already aware, but i couldn’t easily find it reported: the button for “contribute in phoenix” doesn’t work.


it just opens a new tosdr tab.

related to this, why not adding such a button when search brings nothing, instead of this dreadful error?


  1. i feel kinda sad being so present on the 2020 year in review, when i only ever contributed so little, or close to nothing…

tosdr is amazing. but it looks like it’s getting no traction, despite having quite some following.

makes me wonder if there aren’t easier ways to build it up… looks like there’s too much “reinventing the wheel” efforts on coding, like too many projects out there.

but perhaps i should dog feed my own thoughts on my own project first, before i go out giving advises! :rofl:

thanks again for working on all this!

cheers. :kissing_heart:

To request a service, please use this link: http://tosdr.community/w/request-a-service (this service was already in the list of requests pending)

I’ll add Metamask rn (please note that the crawler doesn’t work since a few days ago so the documents might not get crawled immediately).

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Any contribution is welcome, even little ones! Moreover, the number of contributors is increasing quickly, and the forum is quite young for now. The 2020: The Year in Review was the first in the forum I think, so it may be more difficult to be present in the 2021 Year in Review :laughing:

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