About the API category

Welcome to the ToS;DR API Category! Here, we delve into the various functionalities and features of the ToS;DR API, which allows you to access valuable information about terms of service and privacy-related matters. Let’s explore the key components:

  1. Fetch Points: Discover and retrieve specific data points from the ToS;DR API, enabling you to gather insights about individual services and their corresponding terms.

  2. Fetch Services: Obtain comprehensive details about different online services, including their terms, privacy practices, and overall ratings based on the ToS;DR evaluation.

  3. Search Services: Utilize the powerful search functionality to find specific services of interest within the vast database provided by ToS;DR.

  4. Fetch Cases: Dive deeper into specific cases, which highlight important legal or privacy issues associated with particular services, helping you understand the potential implications.

  5. Fetch Topics: Access information on various topics related to privacy, terms of service, and data protection, allowing you to stay informed and updated on the latest discussions and insights.

  6. Fetch Documents: Retrieve relevant documents, such as terms of service agreements and privacy policies, enabling you to review and analyze them directly.

Feel free to engage in discussions, ask questions, share your experiences, and explore the possibilities that the ToS;DR API offers. Let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and contribute to the understanding and improvement of online privacy practices!