About the General category

Got any question/doubt/need of assistance regarding ToS;DR? This Category is for you!


Hello there, new user. Welcome to the ToS;DR Forum!

This category is for you and your inquiries, and also for an ‘answers hub’ in case you have a problem that has already been resolved.

We also offer our #wiki, which might help you get familiarized with the project!


  • No duplicated topics:

In short, make sure you don’t post a topic that has already been discussed/solved, or your topic will be moved/deleted (To avoid clutter)

  • No Spam:

Quite simple; don’t flood this topic, since it is vital for our new users!

  • Be Civil

In short, don’t be a douche to others. There is no need for agression, but rather patience and civility.

We can all get along!

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