it is my own pet project: ahoxus.org

and i think i made a mess there.


the project is called ahoxus.

achoz is a sub project inside… granted, it’s the one that might have a TOS. since ahoxus isn’t a service.

but the naming there got confused… and achoz.ga is now a broken link (long story).

it’s still undefined. how can we move it to be reviewed and get a grade?

i suppose i can’t be the one doing this work! but even with so much small traction, user base, or even service providing, i hope we can get there eventually! :grin:

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I’ve gone ahead and edited it (Though one should use Service Modification Request next time as its more streamlined for curators)

As for the reviewing, its up to the curators what they review, we have a relatively small userbase and many services, in fact 2747 unreviewed services out of 3741 services.

We have no real priority, just as is.

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