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Alan Thomson Simulation is a service used by creators and users of mods mainly for the games 'Train Simulator' and 'Train Sim World' by Dovetail Games. It is one of the most popular sites to download patches, routes and scenarios based in the UK.

It includes both payware and freeware downloads alongside a subscription service to allow users to get a discount on these payware downloads and to allow access to more content that is locked behind the subscription. 

It also has a store to allow players to purchase physical items to enhance the simulation experience.

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Hi @What!
Alan Thomson Simulation is now up on Phoenix as well as its documents (the link for the Cookie Policy was the same as the one of the Privacy Policy though).
Good reviewing, and do not hesitate to create a point not linked to a document and source it about the history of not notifying its users of changes in their ToS.

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