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Amino is an ecosystem of communities dedicated to shared interests — for instance, current TV shows, musical theater, or your favorite sports team. Some of the larger, most popular communities will also have an independent app to be easy accessible from a device's home screen, but these are all still part of Amino. 
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Hi @Updtd!
Amino has been added to Phoenix. I’m unable to reach to get the privacy policy and the terms, so I’ve added those available on

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A curator has added the service, below are the links to your service!

Service: Service Amino (ToS;DR Phoenix)

Narvii Terms of Service - Document Amino Narvii Terms of Service (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Narvii Privacy Policy - Document Amino Narvii Privacy Policy (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Does Amino use cookies on its website? (Cookie Policy) - Document Amino Does Amino use cookies on its website? (Cookie Policy) (ToS;DR Phoenix)

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