Astronomer: use of cookies and web beacons by third parties

I found the following text in Astronomer’s privacy policy, but could not find a case that matched it exactly:

In addition, our retail partners, advertisers, and other third parties appearing at our site or linked to our site may use their own cookies and beacons and may collect personally-identifiable information, including credit card information, in connection with your use of their websites. The privacy policy of such third parties may differ from ours. We encourage you to read the third party’s privacy policy before responding to the offer to determine how the personally- identifiable information is used by that third party.

Is it Case 128: Third-party cookies are used for advertising? It is not only cookies (also web beacons) and not just for advertising.

Is it Case 216: Your personal data is used for advertising? It’s not only advertising and it’s not the first party that does the data collection (as in the case description). The same can be said for cases 487 and 220, as the third parties are the one collecting the data themselves.

I think this point is a bad one, as it relays responsibility on the user to read even more privacy policies from other partners (they don’t do any verification themselves about how well their partners respect their users’ privacy). But I can’t find a suitable case for it. Should I try submitting a new case?


There’s so many things going on here, that I think all the cases you mentioned would work for different phrases in the quote.

Because they use web beacons, Case 323: You are tracked via web beacons, tracking pixels, browser fingerprinting, and/or device fingerprinting works here. Although I do think having a more general case for cookies would be a good idea to help here, and also just overall. I’ve come across lots of Privacy Policies where they say they use cookies but then don’t provide the detailed information that TOSDR cases are looking for.

I think Case 144: Other applicable rules, terms, conditions or guidelines may also work here, but it doesn’t communicate that it’s the users’ onus to read other documents, as you mentioned.