Avoiding confusion between 'case' and 'point', and between 'APPROVED' and 'DECLINED'. Waking Phoenix

Hi! I have experience maintaining a site that maintained ToS history, but am getting started here.

So from my initial experience here, I have some suggestions. But first:

Background: I felt a lot of confusion over what APPROVED and DECLINED meant as I started working/looking around.

EXAMPLE: The points for case-331 (=“There is a date of the last update of the agreements”) seemed to be inconsistent. It took a while for me to figure out why many points of services that, as shown by the Title for each point shown at case-331 do have a date in the agreement that’s appears to be at least approximately the “date of the last update of the agreement” but were DECLINED.


  1. The home page needs some rewriting. It (https://edit.tosdr.org) says in part:

A service is a website or online application, for instance YouTube. A case is an individual remark that can form part of the review of a service, for instance “you need to be 13 years old to use this service”; each is assigned a topic to provide grouping. A point links a case to a service, for instance “you need to be 13 years old to use YouTube”.

I think the parts in italics warrant rewriting. (After I read it, I thought a case was a point, and vice versa. At first I wrote, “The cases for point-25605 seem to be inconsistent.” when creating this topic. Not good term choices!!! Too late to change? Goodness, the URL choice https://edit.tosdr.org/points/### ???)

Also, I think an addition of text that explains what APPROVED and DECLINED means is warranted.
1.1. Draft Proposal:

APPROVED means approved for display on the current/live site. Points that were correct, but are outdated, or are for sites that for whatever (???) reason aren’t shown (e.g. Kink.com, RandomSmallPersonalUnpopularWebsite.com) will have status DECLINED. (I only surmise that this is correct!)

1.2. PS. IDEA: I recall there’s a way to make the columns in a table sortable with just a bit of HTML5; this would make all the list pages (___-###) so much more usable!

2. I have read https://edit.tosdr.org and yet have no clue how to find/edit the info that controls Phoenix so it knows about a ToS/document that has changed/been updated. Exists? Where? In due time, I suppose. I see that there’s levels of trust - Curator, etc.

2.1. Recrawl needed of Legal - iCloud - Apple – it says, “Last revised: September 20, 2021”. (My point-25605 was approved by @CyanoTex – Thanks.)

2.2. Phoenix has the URL of the ToS already, but doesn’t seem to have noticed the change. (Odd, as we say “Every day, we check the Terms and Policies of many online services to see if any of them have changed”)

2.3. Here’s a list of eleven notable changes:
https://www.reddit.com/r/ios/comments/ps48rc/icloud_new_terms_and_conditions/ we could note.

I have some other questions/ideas, but I’ll hold off for now - this many in 1 post is bad enough.

P.S. OMG! The [wrap=jira-bug-EDIT] tags putting this in the category Site Feedback made it unreadable! Undone! ... Ah, preview is working now!

Oh, and today I noticed the actual reason Kink.com was all declined - Terms Of Service; Didn't Read suggests (in particular, the RayID) that viewing their policy links requires JavaScript because it’s protected by Cloudflare.
Currently, it (https://kink.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004660374-Kink-com-Privacy-Policy) does NOT require JavaScript to view in full. Ditto TOU. Just a kick of the bot should fix things.

Probably generalizable to: Any document containing RayID was probably fetched from a site under attack and just needs a reload after a while or once it’s identified as not under attack in Cloudflare.

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