Broken link on "Uncrawlable!" forum post

The forum post describing what people should do if a page is uncrawlable has a broken link. The “how to crawl documents” link appears to be dead. Additionally, I believe the post should contain more information on who it’s for (editors, staff, developers).

For context, I am a new contributor and would like to annotate the Carrd terms of service. It appears to have no documents, with only a staff comment saying that the terms are uncrawlable. A forum search brought me to the linked post above. It is unclear to me from the post whether I as an editor (not someone who knows how the crawling service works) should make a post about Carrd in the #development:crawler category, or whether the comment on the Carrd page about the terms being uncrawlable is a result of this process being done already.

Please advise on what steps I should take next.

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