Can "may collect, use, and share location data" if the user has to actively allow access to said data?

Sometimes, some services have collection of location data. But the user has to explicitly tell them to do so first.

Example: Ecosia
It has been marked as the negative case “This service may collect, use, and share location data”, taking a small snippet of quote:

But the full quote is:
The Ecosia app may use your locational data in anonymized, respectively pseudonymized, form if you have allowed access to these data on your device. We use the locational data in order to give you a better Ecosia experience or to show more relevant search results or advertising to you.


I’d say that the purpose of this case is to alert when a service may use location data for purposes not included in the (essential) operation of the service.

If an app, like Ecosia, asks for location data, it should be solely for the purposes of providing the services (here, to improve the searching experience). In this example, location data can also be processed and shared for advertising, which is why I believe that in this specific situation the case fits well.

On the contrary, if the app asks for permission and only uses that information to provide the services, that would mean that it makes sense collecting that data and the case wouldn’t be appropriate.