Can somone verify

Hello there, it make about 2 years that I am waiting to have my grade, meanwhile, duckduckgo has their rated system changed but there is still a TOS DR extension that I like.

Our website is free at about 99% and is about cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

It’s sole purpose is to help people be safer online with the power of information, sadly online stupidity is a more popular and only victim trend to educate themself about fraud prevention.

Everyone is welcome to learn for free, we respect people’s privacy and the only reason why we have a logging system (Awstats) is to counter cyber attacks on our platform, other then that, as long as you respect the law, everything is encrypted in cold storage only accessible by our server.

Hoping to see some positive impact

Best regards!

Hey, nice to see you are intressted. The reason things like this take so long is because this is manual, unpaid work, which means for small sites it can take a while (even does not have a grade yet).

I just took a look at the points and they are not annoteted correctly. For example this point Point 29971 (ToS;DR Phoenix) you explain why the point should be added, but what is supposed to be there is a 1 to 1 quote from the document, like actual proof. Also it is very helpfull if you add these points from the documents on by highlighting rhe passage that a point matches to. that would make all proccess easier.

If you edit all the points to have quotes I will try to approve them quickly.


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To learn on how to select quotes its always good to look ar some points crested by other people. General rule the shortest quote that gets the point across

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Hello there Shaddow!

Thank you for your feedback, I just spend 12 hours to be fully compliant with GDPR worldwide and install a customizable consent box and I have added a cookie policy (MRichard333 Cookie Policy ).

Honnestly I don’t mind if you remove some points, I have added to much and have complicated everything. I was aiming for Grade A.

Users can now chooses which cookies are loaded or not, opt-in or out and it show all our cookies with a description.

I am transparent and just want my users to know that we value there privacy and are not money driven, perhaps ads and services help to pay for the server and reach more people’s which is main goal or (to fight back at cybercrimes by educating people’s about fraud prevention and raise fraud awareness).

The only people’s who don’t like our website are scammers haha.

Also I am sorry but I had to modify a bit our privacy policy due to the change…

You can delete some points if you want, I had A before adding google analytics and adsense but we can now decide to block third party and I even tell in my privacy policy/ToS how to block trackers and cookies for more privacy.

I understand that you guys have a life but if you have times, I would certainly appreciate having a grade and will try to find times to annotate other website.

Best regards…

I’ve reviewed your points. Next time could you link your points to the uploaded documents ? That would make reviewing much faster.

Also, if you aim an A grade, you might need to consider removing those third-party cookies :upside_down_face:

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