Case Edit 180

I believe this case should be changed from a netural to a :bad: (bad)

This is because the case states that your content can be use for all their existing and future services, not just the one that content was submitted on


Hey! Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I agree with you, I think if they are using content for a future service thats bad.

Then again what happens if a company is bought out by someone else, surely that results in a new service? what if they change name?

Not nesecerely, when Elon brought it was still Twitter, and it is still the same service, and IMO (in my opinion) it still is, just rebranded.

p.s: i have disabled slowmode on this topic

I am not sure about this actually ;D
I feel like I disagree but I understand where you are coming from, have to think a bit about it.

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