Case Proposal: Account deletion requiers interaction with the maintainers

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name Account deletion requiers interaction with the maintainers
Description The deletion of the user’s account to the service requires the user to contact the service’s maintainers, rather than deletion being done solely by the user themselves.
Classification neutral
Topic Topic Suspension and Censorship (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Weight 50

It’s indeed important to inform users that deleting their account might be more difficult and time consuming than necessary.

What would the difference with Case 172: You cannot delete your account of this service be?

I’d say that if users can’t delete their accounts “solely by the users themselves”, then it means they may not be able to delete it at all.

There are currently two approved points linked to the Case I mentionned above. They apply to services for which users need to contact the Team to delete their accounts: Point 6411 (ToS;DR Phoenix) and Point 15914 (ToS;DR Phoenix)

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