Case Proposal: Service is a subsidiary of Company X

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name Service is a subsidiary of Company X
Description The service makes it clear that they are a subsidiary of Company X in their Terms of Service. Company X’s Terms of Service may apply to the service.
Classification good
Topic Topic Transparency (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Weight 10



I agree :+1: really important to know if a service is owned by a larger brand.
I’d however count this as neutral, since they’re generally legally required to inform other terms may apply to the use of the services, and sometimes knowing a particular service is in fact a subsidiary of a well-known company can make users avoid using it.


I think most people here will agree, but I can’t read minds, I can only guess and hope that I’m right.


I agree, it is really important to know if the service is from another company, especially a bigger or a well known one.


Thing is, this case proposal could probably lead to the development of something that would allow curators to not only say “This service is a subsidiary of Company X”, but also… maybe share documents from the parent company with the subsidiary?

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I agree that this would better be neutral. Otherwise you’re giving an unfair advantage to companies in getting acquired by larger companies, because small companies that are not owned by a larger one won’t get these points.


I agree, but I can’t edit the proposal. So, if it gets added, it will be neutral.

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The case has been created!
Case 493: This service is a subsidiary of Company X
I’ve slightly modified the description to make it neutral and to encourage the reviewer to replace the X by the name of the Company

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