Case Proposal: The service has multiple legal documents

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name The service has multiple legal documents
Description The service has multiple legal documents, likely due to its international presence.
Classification neutral
Topic Topic Jurisdiction and governing laws (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Weight 10



I’m not sure this would be really useful for the users, knowing that almost all services aiming to have enforceable agreements have at least two legal documents (a Privacy Policy/Notice and Terms of Service/Use).

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Me neither but what I had in mind was that Wise has multiple documents for each country or region they serve in.

I wanted some sort of case where the user can be informed that depending on where they live, Document X applies.

Sadly, I don’t think I did a good job of explaining that in my proposal.


So perhaps the case could be something like: Depending on your country of residence, the agreements applying to you may vary?

Precisely, which is what I had in mind but couldn’t explain very well in the proposal.

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Perhaps we need a case for when a service has too many legal documents?

  • It makes it confusing, exhausting and time consuming for users to read everything;
  • keeping track of changes to the documents over time is made even more difficult.

Then, how many is too many?

I have encountered a service that has so many legal documents that Phoenix is blocking me for adding too many in a relatively short period of time. To add insult to injury, it seems like the service is blocking our crawlers, as I wasn’t able to have any of them crawled.

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I agree my understanding is some websites use lots of documents to make it easy for different types of services for example isp might have a document for costumers that have a land line etc. but i think there are other ways to handle this such as deciding up the documents into sections and still be one ore 2 documents. om not sure on a good number. i think most services have 2 or 3 documents so maybe 4 or 5 would make sense. feel free to change the number im suggesting.

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That makes sense.

That particular service I linked above (Sympla) has 14 documents, which should be too much by any standard.

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I agree with that second case proposal, and 5 documents seems to be a fair limit to consider a service has too many documents.
However, services available worldwide should be taken into consideration by not including in that limit local documents such as California Residents Privacy Notice and other binding agreements that only apply to some areas.

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