Case Proposal: The website is open-source

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name The website is open-source
Description The code of website is open-source and the users can be access of code source.
Classification good
Weight 30

There’s currently an existing case that applies to this, if I understood well: Features of the website are made available under a free software license
Nevertheless, I think your phrasing is much more clear, so perhaps we should change the current case’s title to avoid confusion.


There is a difference between free software and open-source software.

A free software or web site must be open source and respect the points of the Free Software Foundation to be considered as free (at least by the community). Whereas a website or an application can be open source without necessarily being free.

So maybe we have to make the difference between the two.


It makes sense, I support the new case proposal then!
The weight fits well too.
In which topic would it be? In the proposal it is written although the link leads nowhere to me.

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I wanted to put it in the topic Transparency

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This is not true, free software can be open source but it’s not a requirement or law.

I don’t know if we are talking about the same free software. I am talking (in French) about “Libre” software and not “Gratuit” software. But in the law, I don’t think that “Libre” software is described. It is described by the FSF.

But then, I think it deserves the creation of this case.


I take the liberty of reopening the subject of this box proposal.

If it is accepted, could we add a new point ?
The software code is open-source
The code of the servers is open-source

Yeah I was mistaken, I interpret “Free” software as in Zero Costs not “Freedom” :slight_smile:


No bad opinions have been expressed, so the case is now on Phoenix!
Case 485: The service is open-source
Also, I’ve updated the description of Case 171 to make clearer the difference between libre and open-source software.

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Love it! Now its way more clear for non-native english speakers!


should we do the same with software:

“the software is open-source”

To make the difference between free and open source. because it is especially in the case of software that people make the confusion.

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I think this is a special case where “service” can be properly applied because ToS;DR also rates apps in some cases where the term website does not apply.

“The service is open-source”

While we are at it, should we make a case that has a higher weight than this one called “The service is FOSS”? Since open-source does not necessarily mean that everything is fully open-source


What about changing the current case “The website is open-source” to “The service is open-source”?

FOSS means Free and Open Source Software if I’m not mistaken, which would fall under Features of the website are made available under a free software license

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Forget what I just said :man_facepalming:, darn acronyms.


I’ve heard ‘source-available’ (source available license - Wikidata) as a term that carries no connotations of licensing (that is, software freedom) either way.

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parce que ce sont principalement des logiciels qui sont open-source, mais parfois les sites web le sont (Sorry for the english people)

(because it’s principally for softwares the open-source appellation, but sometimes website are that too)

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After thinking about it, we should as Justin said, name this point “The service is open-source” and then change “the service” in the title by the thing concerned.

What do you think?


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