Case Proposal: You are responsible for the behavior of other users of the service

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name You are responsible for the behavior of other users of the service
Description If you allow other users or third parties to have access to your account or parts of your account, you are responsible for their actions and agree to hold the service harmless in case of a claim related to that use.
Classification bad
Topic Topic Governance (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Weight 10


Generally agreed, except maybe Classification. I don’t really think bad fits here. Would say neutral more.

It seams to conflict with
I think it would make sense to remove “and for activities on your account” from 148 and add the case Agnes suggested since a lot of the quotes for 148 do not actually contain the second part (Point 5835 (ToS;DR Phoenix)).
And I would make it neutral since its your account it, imo, should be your responsibility.

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I agree with you, it conflicts with Case 148.
Most of the quotes linked to it do contain the second part, so perhaps the creation of this case isn’t necessary after all?

Rapid count: 17 out of 20 latest approved points linked to the case include a quote fitting with the case proposal, so removing “and for activities on your account” would require purging most points

I’ll request a change to the point that made me propose this case to suggest switching it to Case 148.