Case Proposal: You can be suspended if you disrespect staff

I propose the following data to be a new case:

Fields Data
Name You can be suspended if you disrespect staff
Description The service can suspend your account if you disrespect/abuse their staff.
Classification bad
Topic Topic Suspension and Censorship (ToS;DR Phoenix)
Weight 10


“your behaviour towards us makes it difficult to deal with you (e.g. you insult our staff)”
“is harmful or disrespectful to others, including any form of abuse of us or our staff,”


I agree with this proposal, and the weight also seems appropriate. I voted :+1:
I’d however count this as neutral since disrespecting or harassing staff members is a good reason for suspending an account.


I agree with most of your view. But “disrespecting the staff” could include disagreeing with a staff’s view when members and staffs are talking about their interested topic. (such as gaming, vs battle debating and shipping) For example, Admin could cite this to ban users who disagree with their view on who would win in a simulated battle in vs debating community.

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That’s absolutely true, as disrespect is a vague term…
However, if a user faces a similar problem, I’d assume law would be on their side and they could contest the suspension by proving there was no evident lack of respect, such as insults or violence threats.

The way wording is interpreted could be widen to other cases related to prohibited content or uses:
Case 314: You are prohibited from posting content which promotes violence or politically or religiously extremist values.What is the limit between criticism and violence promotion? What defines an extremist value?
Case 283: You agree not to submit libelous, harassing or threatening contentAm I harassing someone if I send a similar message twice? Three times?

That’s what makes legal stuff both ambiguous and fun!

So, I’d say any case applying to censorship could be interpreted by insincere staff to ban users, although in most cases these cases should remain neutral by considering their most narrow meaning.

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