Changes-Requested Policy

I believe we are all familiar with many services on the Phoenix Site filled with points with changes-requested, and lots of them are very old, deprecated or from deactivated accounts, which ultimately just becomes clutter.

My suggestion is that we should employ a new rule/policy such that a user’s point with changes-requested has a limited time to get changed, and if untouched after such time frame passes, either it switches automatically to declined or curators are authorised to decline them manually.

Of course we could discuss the idea itself, the time frame to give, and whatever else might pop up your head.

So, what do you think?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Could you explain?)

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I agree, what usually happens is that the person never comes back to change them. It would be a lot easier when approving a site if the changes-requested were declined because it opens that case to be used again since we don’t want duplicates. Maybe 6 months is a good cutoff date?


I believe 6 months is a bit of a stretch. Usually people are eager to see a Service reviewed soon. Maybe 2 months?


Two months sounds good to me.

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Sure! Sounds good to me.


This has been implemented now.