Changing 'Data Storage whether you used the Service or not' classification

I believe that Case 234 is extremely intrusive and too far-reaching for it just to be a “Bad” Case. I suggest changing its classification to a Blocker due to its excessive violation to people’s privacy.
Your opinions are welcome!

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I’d be down to switch it to a blocker, but should the weight remain at 100 though? It would mean that it’s pretty much the worst possible case we could assign. As of right now, we only have 6 blocker cases. The highest is Your identity is used in ads that are shown to other users with a weight of 90. Also, This service can view your browser history is a new blocker case but it’s weight is 50 (now I’m starting to think that the weight might be a little low). So what weight should “data collecting even if you didn’t use the service” case be? We can always rearrange the weights of cases, so technically we could change the weights of all three if we needed to.

Btw, this is what weights are used for: “Range: 0…100. Higher weights make good points extra good, and bad/blocker points extra bad. Higher weight points have more impact on a service’s rating, and are also displayed more prominently in the review summaries on [ToS;DR].”