Citations in Point Analysis

From my review of the forum posts, I do not think there is any mention of adding citations for a point analysis.

When creating a point for a service, I believe the Analysis section is to comment on why the quote from the document is in the document. To strengthen my explanation, I would like to cite a source. For example, for the service Red Pocket which does not guarantee service, I would like to cite what an MVNO is as a service reseller to help explain the statement for those interested. This will allow an interested reader to learn more about a service and whether the ToS are in line with other similar services.

I do not think there has to be any built-in system, just wondering if there was some standard to show where information came from. For now I just put the relevant website in parenthesis.

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Yes, the fields are freeform so citing like that is something that’s good to do. It just won’t be machine-read in the same way the presence or absence of a point is, but still may be useful to humans who read it.

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