Crawling Errors & Crawling Update

Hi everybody!

We are currently in the process of switching the tosback crawler to a new markdown one. This is currently rising quite a few issues and crawling has become unavailable and some services have new ratings/point statuses.

approved-not-found, pending-not-found, declined-not-found, draft

This is a known issue and we are working on the issues the bug has caused and will try to restore the services as soon as possible.

In the mean time, you can submit points and even request/add services we will add those as we did before the bug occurred.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused, we are working on it!


Hi all,
Thanks for your patience, the crawl button is back!

Indeed, there are two new point states, approved-not-found and pending-not-found, both mean that the quote of the point was not found in the latest version of the document.

Any curator can fix an approved-not-found and switch it back to approved.

Only the point author can fix a pending-not-found and move it back to its previous state of ‘pending’.

If the quote no longer occurs, you can move the point to ‘declined’, ‘changes-requested’, or ‘draft’.

These point statuses are new and we are just finding our feet in using them. Let us know in this forum thread if you run into any problems with it!


Still not working

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I also got that same error when adding a document.

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Yep, this is currently a known issue!


The crawler issue has been fixed as of today.