Curator Responsibilities - Add a Service

Hey All!

Unfortunately I have been unable to contribute for quite some time, and just now coming back, I am a little lost. It would be nice to have a reference on what my responsibilities are as a Curator, and how to carry them out. I thought there was already a post explaining these, but I was unable to find it and think it may have been inside the Curator Request Wizard. To clarify:



  • Approve points - visit to see a list of pending points to review
  • Edit services - visit Services, select Details on a service and then Edit Service or View Documents
  • Add services - ?

Good to see you again.
This guide might help you with Curator Responsibilities: How to be a good curator.

To add services, this is what I’d recommend:

  • Start by making sure the agreements of the service do not coincide with those of a parent company that is already in Phoenix

  • Visit Services, and after verifying with the search bar that the domain isn’t in our database, click the blue botton “Add Service”

  • You’ll be asked to enter the official name of the service (without its slogan) as well as its domain. Be sure to add all existing domains
    you may find new domains by changing the displayed language or by searching for other services under the same company that share agreements

  • Optionally, you may enter a Wikipedia article and/or a 72*72 .png logo.


Thanks for the reply!

Is Log in with Atlassian account the wiki I was hoping for back in October?! I knew there was already some documentation on it :smiley:

I am going to update this topic’s title to reflect its focus on adding services, and would like some further clarification.

What you described, @Agnes_de_Lion, makes the most sense to me. However, before I started this topic I visited and accidentally rejected when trying to suggest a change to its domains.

Is a site I should even have access to? Is it an artifact of past versions, or does it play into the service requests that general members make?



Exactly! And I think you are able to contribute to it if you create an Atlassian account.

The new service requests process is half-automated. Staff members and Curators (including you) have access to the entire list of requests made through Request a new service -- Terms of Service; Didn't Read. There you can approve or reject requests, you no longer have the possibility to request changes as most requests are done anonymously.
Once you’ve approved a request (after checking it isn’t spam nor a duplicate from an existing service) you are directed to the service in Phoenix, where you are able to crawl the documents (these aren’t automatically crawled yet) and modify the domains or anything related to the service by editing it (blue button):

Example with Service ID 3710


Only S-Curators and Staff are able to edit the wiki :slight_smile: