Does a local account qualify for "no need to register"

I am unsure about this point at simpleX chat, they say your account is created only locally.
Is the definition of the case that registering is providing information to the service or having to go through a sign up,/create process and not being able to use a service right away?

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From a technical perspective.

Even if the system doesn’t ask for username/email and/or password you can receive personal messages. Meaning the system requires some kind of user/account/device-id.

This is more permanent and goes above a “session” (which you need for every website, otherwise you couldn’t deliver the requested information) so it is something like a registered account.

Other entries of

seem to stay within the boundaries of a temporary “session” which gets lost as soon as you close the browser tab (barring other tracking methods covered in other cases).

I’m not sure “no need to register” fits if you have something like an account/personal inbox anyway, even if the registration-process is a pure device authentication.


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I agree. I decline the point and link to this thread

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