Does OsmAnd use personal data for discount marketing?

I am not really sure how I can, resolve this point, so does Agnes de Leon. I am talking about point 33131.

“OsmAnd discount pop-up notifications,”

I think what is this supposed to mean is that OsmAnd may use personal data to inform users about their discounts.


  • is showing discount pop-ups considered marketing?
  • are discounts considered marketing?
  • do they really use personal data to show discount pop-ups?
  • how is the personal data involved in showing discount pop-ups?
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I have reached the OsmAnd support team and they have provided a quick and clear response to these questions:

  • Pop-up notifications are not personalized based on individual user data. They are generally sent to all users or user groups based on app version, geographical region or general user preferences.
  • No personally identifiable data is used for discount pop-ups, only aggregated and anonymized data
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Declining this point.