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What is this Service about?

A collaborative hypertext dictionary in Turkish. The most popular social media after the international ones. https://www.similarweb.com/top-websites/turkey/ Started off like Wikipedia or urban dictionary but turned somewhat into a forum. Google Translate does a good enough job translating the relevant documents from Turkish. (Don't really know if it's acceptable but I can also help out.)

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  • I ensure all the data is correct: true
  • I have prior experience with XPath/HTML/CSS syntax: true
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Thanks for contributing to ToS;DR!

A curator will soon add the documents to our database.

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Hi @281587887a!
Ekşi Sözlük has been added to Phoenix as well as its documents. It would be great if you could help on the reviewing process! (I think Google Translate is acceptable though)

A curator has added the service, below are the links to your service!

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