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Electrify America is a provider for electric vehicle fast charging stations in the US; they are a subsidiary of Volkswagen and were created in response to VW’s role in the “DieselGate” emissions scandal. Their fast chargers are sprouting all over the country to provide the equivalent of “gas stations” for owners of electric vehicles, charging money to charge EV batteries relatively quickly. For ease of use and payment, as well as to get discounts through charging plans, Electrify America provides a smart phone app the full use of which requires the creation of a user account and acceptance of their privacy policy and terms of use. Note most users will be interacting with the company only through an app (or drückt at a charging station) rather than the the web site in a browser. Privacy policy appears blatantly obvious about the company making money not just by charging for money, but also with excessive profiling of customers, with means for opt-out for information selling/sharing only in two states.

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