.eth names

Is it okay to submit services with .eth names such as ethereum.eth?

There are currently 218,000 registered .eth names.

.eth names require a specific browser implementation to be reachable (Brave has support built-in and other Chromium based browsers and Firefox require extensions such as MetaMask).



we support all standardized domains with additional unapproved IANA top level domains. Currently the only one in the list is .onion however we can extend that to include .eth as well.


That’s nice.

There is one additional problem:
When navigating to a .eth name, both the MetaMask extension and Brave (which uses MetaMask internally) will immediately forward you to the content address (such as ipfs://hash), which means the ToS;DR browser extension will never actually display the grade and points for that service.

So we could either add a workaround to the extension or wait until browsers receive proper .eth support.

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Yep thats right, we only support the http(s) protocol as of now.

There won’t be any support for additional protocols in the near future, feel free to submit a proposal though.


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