Extension: Give us the option to remove "Share to Twitter"

When I click on the extension to get info about a website, I always see the Twitter button on top. Well, I’m not interested in sharing to Twitter. Can we please have an option to remove this button? (Ideally any service that goes in here should have an option to show or hide on the UI).

Additionally, Twitter being an E rated service, makes this situation more awkward and contradictory… :slight_smile:


I agree with you.

Or we can delete Twitter but add (if it exist) a Mastodon share button :man_shrugging:

I think we have a Mastodon account as well ether way i agree with having a option to hide more of the ui maby have a option to chose ether twitter or Mastodon or hide the option from the ui. I can bring this up to Justin will mostlikely have this idea added to the roadmap later. option to hide more of the UI like twitter and chose ether twitter or Mastodon · Discussion #82 · tosdr/browser-extensions · GitHub


Added it to the roadmap Log in with Atlassian account :slight_smile:

Tracking progress in BE-5


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