Finally got rid of our backlog \o/

Two-and-a-half years ago, when we received $20,000 in crowd-funding through DuckDuckGo and switched from MeteorJS to RubyOnRails, we set ourselves four goals:

Project plan TOSDR Phoenix

The Terms of Service;Didn’t Read (‘ToS;DR’) project crowdsources collecting information about
end user agremeents, to strenghten the information position of users towards (large) service
providers. This project is about creating a scalable review environment, codename Phoenix.
Previous tool was coded in MeteorJS, but in July 2017, it was decided to switch to Ruby on Rails.

  1. Review environment alpha 0.3.4
    Create a first alpha version of the new environment, including database migration, and imports of
    rules, crawls and policies. The code is published on for testing purposes.
    • Legacy data can be imported
    • Code release first alpha version (0.3.4)
    Amount: 7.215 euro

  2. Review environment alpha 0.4.0
    Create a second alpha version of the new environment, including further polishing and improved
    • Drive-by contributors can use Phoenix for reviewing ToS’s
    • Phoenix to manage the display of ratings on
    • Code release second alpha version (0.4.0)
    Amount: 5.000 euro

  3. Clear issue backlog and validate review for most popular services
    This task aims to resolve the backlog by triaging all pending review points that have been
    pending for longer than a week. In addition, the reviews for the most popular services are
    manually verified to be correct.
    • Outstanding issues are either approved or declined
    • Reviews of the most popular services are up-to-date
    Amount: 5.000 euro

  4. Project administration and community management
    Various project management and communication tasks throughout the project, and organisation
    of a bootcamp.
    • Project administration
    • Documentation on website
    • Bootcamp
    Amount: 1.200 euro

We claimed milestones 1,2, and 4 back in 2018, but milestone 3 stayed elusive.
Now, finally, after 2.5 years, we did a number of things:

  • merge duplicate services
  • merge duplicate documents
  • recrawl all the documents to make sure they are up-to-date
  • approve or decline all points that were over 7 days old.

Here is the query result, notice the beautiful ‘0’ in the second result, where we used to always have embarrassingly high 4-digit numbers :slight_smile:

dbpoqc45qi1rh7=> select count(*) from points where created_at < NOW() - INTERVAL '7 days';
(1 row)

dbpoqc45qi1rh7=> select count(*) from points where created_at < NOW() - INTERVAL '7 days' and status='pending';
(1 row)

dbpoqc45qi1rh7=> select count(*), status from points where created_at < NOW() - INTERVAL '7 days' group by status;
 count |       status       
   400 | draft
    37 | disputed
  1601 | declined
  4682 | approved
  1555 | approved-not-found
  1386 | changes-requested
   205 | pending-not-found
(7 rows)


I’m very happy we finally, finally, finally achieve this milestone! :partying_face: