Grade F

No trying to be funny here, but Facebook is such an abysmal privacy offender that it deserves its own Grade F (i.e. Grade Facebook).

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I agree with the fact that some services violate too many of our rights to be considered only as E (an incredible amount of services already have that rating).
However I wouldn’t keep the F rating for Facebook only. To be honest many services seem to be competing for having the worst ToS of the database, such as Twitter or iFunny.

Changing the grading would be quite huge, so perhaps a voting could take place to decide whether or not to add F (for instance if the balance is <-20).


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If we were to change the grading (which would probably be a longshot), it might be more legible for people if we went by a score (for example ‘out of 10’ or ‘out of 5’). There’s a lot of different grading systems that don’t really match up. For example, in Indonesia, an A is 95-100, while in Canada it’s 80-100, and in the UK it’s 70-100. So for someone in the UK, seeing a B grade for a website would have different connotations compared to someone in Indonesia.

I know it’s unlikely we change the current grading system so drastically, but if it were ever to change, it may be worth considering other options.

For anyone interested, the Wikipedia article about grading systems shows more examples: Grading systems by country - Wikipedia


That is definitely worth thinking about.
Scores aren’t seen the same worldwide neither, though. As an example, grades in Germany vary from 1 (very good) to 6 (insufficient) which could create confusion!

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That’s really interesting, I never knew that! Doing a bit of further research, while there have been some calls to have a more standard grading system (such as one for all of North America), there doesn’t seem to be a system that truly reflects different cultures without creating confusion. I can’t really think of anything either, other than using a group of symbols, but that would have no meaning to anyone! The only thing that has more universal understanding would be something visual like a slide bar, but that would probably require redoing a lot of code, and I’m sure Justin & co would not be thrilled about that :confused:

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