How are the Extension services updated?

When a new service is added to what is the process for it showing up on the extension?

For example, the service Red Pocket was recently added and graded, however when I visit the site the extension is available in the URL bar.

Edit: Added URL in question.


I believe changes are made through the GitHub code first, then through ToSBack.
Don’t take my word for it though, as I’m yet to learn to code enough to actually get into those specifics. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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As of right now, approved points don’t automatically get transferred to the extension. When a service has enough points and completes the checklist: checklist · tosdr/ Wiki · GitHub we mark it as comprehensively reviewed and once that happens, you should be able to see it in the extension fairly soon. The reason this is in place is to make sure services are not one-sided, that they are balanced with good and bad points before we make it available through the extension. I am coming up with a new rough draft of checklist and will post it on the forum as the one I linked to is from 2014. For now, try to fill in the old checklist and get as many points for the site as you can. Once you do, notify us and we will go through it (even if points are pending at the moment) and see if it’s comprehensively reviewed


Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

Is there any place where this can be documented better? I think that a lot of new contributors are joining in order to review a specific service that they use, so a document outlining that process would be helpful.

I think it could cover:

  • How to request a service
    • Link to the topic
  • How to make points
    • @Peepo’s How to be a Good Contributor guide
  • How points are approved
    • Curators approve them
  • How a service is added to the extension
    • User completes checklist
    • Submit for review
    • Team approves

A lot of this is now covered in the forum, but it would be nice to have it more centralized like a wiki.