How to annotate points without a working crawler

I’m curious to know how are you annotating points at all, considering the crawler is not working.

This is not a criticism, it’s just that I wonder how I could be more helpful. I’ve been trying for months to annotate points for services, but it’s been impossible due to the lack of a working crawler.

Just reviewing old point annotations that are still pending or have been automatically refused for lack of activity?


As long as the crawler is down, contributions are really limited :confused:
As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been contributing on the following tasks, for which you could be helpful:

  • Reviewing points (there are currently >700 pending points)

  • Adding services to Phoenix: (we have around 200 pending requests)
    Since the documents will be empty until the crawler is operational again, I’d recommend not to mark the topics as completed for the moment

  • Creating cases descriptions in Phoenix to help contributors understanding their meaning.

  • Annotating “old” documents of services that haven’t yet been marked as the comprehensively reviewed
    If you’re interested, I’ve made a list of some important websites that only have few approved points

  • Annotating services in Phoenix with points not linked to a document (by putting in the analysis the quote found in the website)
    That makes harder the work for curators, but since there’s not much work to do, even this kind of points should be reviewed quite fast

  • Creating topics in the #wiki category to answer common questions about ToS;DR or legal agreements

I’d be interested to hear other suggestions too!


The crawler is working again (Only EU for now though)