Instructions to improve privacy

I think another more general case needs to be made then case-127 which will highlight to users any actions a document lists in order to improves a user’s privacy.

I think a general case for this would be a good start for our current system, but perhaps we should also consider adding a section into the extension which lists actions a user can take for a particular service to improve their privacy.

Some examples of what I would use this case for can be found in the Privacy Policy of service-3131.


I like this idea!

And I think this could be easy to implement by making a list among the existing cases of those that could apply here.
For instance in the extension this could be displayed like this:
( :warning: Warning: Poorly made image edit following)

Example made with Service ID 324

With this example, the three links would lead to point-13656 point-13659 and point-9693 respectively.

If you like the idea, feel free to suggest the feature for Crisp:

:bulb: Suggest a feature

And for the add-ons in Jira.

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