Is a Small Claims Court good?

One of the points I just reviewed Point 24854 (ToS;DR Phoenix) forces users into binding arbitration OR a small claims court. I’m not really familiar with small claims courts and didn’t know if it was seen as a generally good or bad thing. Does anyone have any thoughts or information about them?

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Hello Small claims court allows for only a cash payment between 1,000 and 10,000 depending on the state, it does not allow for any additional discovery such as how many people were affected, you can not put in any other stipulations such as a change to TOS or for the company to be compelled to take specific corrective action. You can also not bring a class action suite by a group of people. In my opinion this is not much better than straight arbitration. DISCLAIMER: I am not a Lawyer and the information provided was gathered by personal experience and a Google Search.


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