Is Brave using personal data for advertising?

An excerpt on 2020 Brave’s Privacy Policy seemed to state that browsing activity was used for advertising. A point was created accordingly back then.

However, the agreement has been updated, and now the point might not fit any more:

Old quote

If you switch on Brave Rewards and switch on ads (in Rewards settings) you will receive notifications promoting ads, and BAT to reward you for viewing those ads. While the ads you see are based on interests inferred from your browsing, Brave Ads is private and anonymous.

New quote

While the categories of ads that you see and when you see them are inferred from your browsing activity, the data are stored on your device and are inaccessible to us.

No data sharing implies the point may not fit with Case 216 description.

What are your thoughts on that? Should the point be declined?

I would decline it. (They just changed the quote in the policy, even when the old one was in use PI was only stored client side.)

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