Is it posible to adapt the website to brazilian people?

First of all, sorry if I commit any mistake during this text, I’m not very good at english yet, but i’ll do my best

In brazil we have a large amount of people and everyone has a phone in todays days, but not everyone is aware about some abusive terms of service that they agree unwarned.

So, I was wondering if somehow we could adapt this service(ToS;DR) to brazilian people, not only translate it, but add terms of service of popular applications in Brazil.

I think that this would be great for our people and also for the project, due to the visilibity that this step would grant to it.

I’m open to and appreciate comments, tips, suggestions and support from you guys about the viability and pros and cons of this adaptation.



Hi, sorry for the late response!

ToS;DR aims to raise awareness about the conditions Internet users agree to all the time and all over the world.
Adapting it to Brazilians will definitely improve the visibility of the project.

Would you be able to translate the website to portuguese? If so, you could help using the Weblate translation tool: (currently the website is down, but hopefully it will be available again soon). You don’t necessarily need to translate from the English source if you understand one of the languages it has already been translated to.

If you have in mind some popular services used in Brazil, you can request them in the forum, by providing their domains and documents here.

There are already lots of services in our database, so if one of the popular apps you were thinking about appears there but isn’t already reviewed, don’t hesitate to kindly ask a contributor to do it , or you could open an account in Phoenix (if you haven’t aleady) and review it by yourself!



Thanks, your answer helped a lot!
Me and my team are going to organize ourselves in order to plan our starting steps.
I will probly create a new topic soon with some news about this subject.

Thanks a lot again!


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