Lack of documents on Monzo

Noticed that Monzo is missing documents.

I was wondering if a curator here can add them?

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I have added some of them.
Do not hesitate to reply to this topic if you think some documents are important to reveiw and weren’t added.
Good reviewing!

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Well, this doesn’t belong in the documents.

I got an XPath finder extension installed and I think I can provide relatively accurate XPaths.


The issue is that I was unable to find an XPath that would include the date of the agreement without crawling the whole page.
If you find one that does so, could you provide the XPath please?

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Oh, you are right, there is no XPath here that I can give you as a whole unit.


Seems like it’s possibly the same case for the ToS. Annoying.


Okay… well, I might have found the solution to our problem that was buried at the bottom.
A ‘Download as PDF’ button.

It ranges from version 1.7 to version 2.1.

(1.1 to 1.6 didn’t have a PDF version)


As an experiment, I emailed Monzo, asking if they have an XPath friendly version of their legal documents.

Not very hopeful about the reply.


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