Linking in a document that has just been added

Hello all,
Thanks to this great community! I have used the website for a long time as a reader and am happy to be able to contribute… I hope I’m getting most of them right and not causing the curators too much trouble :slight_smile:
I have a few topics that I have been asked to link to newly added documents (example). Anytime I try to do this link, Phoenix is throwing me an error, so I was unsure if I’m doing it wrong or if this is perhaps an issue to take to github. I would appreciate any guidance!

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Hey, can you drop the the error message. I can take a quick look.

The only thing that happens is a 404. The link once I submit the query to link is Terms Of Service; Didn't Read, which results in the 404.
I can open this on github if it’s easier

Hmm raising this issue on Github would be nice. In the mean time I’ll decline your point so you can annotate the case in a new point :slight_smile:

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