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Introducing New ToS;DR Mailing Lists

In a nod to the traditional, ToS;DR is introducing mailing lists, providing a wide range of options for subscribing, contributing, and engaging with us!

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The primary reason for introducing mailing lists is to create a unified source for news. Previously, we had several channels that were not effectively integrated:

  • Discord Announcements
  • Community Announcements (:round_pushpin: You are here)
  • Matrix Announcements
  • Telegram Announcements

While a significant portion of our user base is on Discord, viewing the announcements requires an account, and the announcements posted there were not synchronised across platforms.


We offer several types of mailing lists:

  • Public Read-Write (PUB: RW)
  • Public Read (PUB: R) - e.g., Announcements, Security
  • Internals Only (PUB: N) - Team Internals, not public

Please understand how a mailing list operates:

While your email address is never exposed when you receive a message, if you write to a “PUB: RW” list, everyone on the list can see your address. This is intentional and is a fundamental aspect of how mailing lists work. (Mailing list - Wikipedia)

The benefit of a mailing list is that all messages we send (e.g., announcements) can be viewed online or in your mail client, and are now synchronised across platforms! [Protected] Announce - Mailing Lists


You can subscribe to any public list by either visiting the respective list on their web interface at or by sending an email to <list> and confirming your subscription.


The same process applies for unsubscribing. Send an email to <list> and confirm the action.

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We’ve created a specific mailing list for curators, providing a space for coordination outside of our community channels. While anyone can read this list, only curators can write to it.

If you don’t have permissions to write, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll make sure to add you!

Subscribe to our announcement list!

As a first, why don’t you subscribe to our announcement list?

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We promise not to spam and keep the volume to a maximum of 5-6 E-Mails a month.