Multiple points for one case in a document

Hey all,

What is the protocol for multiple points with the same case for a document?

  1. Whenever I find a line related to a case should I annotate it to provide more evidence for that case, or should I only create one point, and add the other pertinent lines in my analysis.

  2. Will the service double count cases if multiple points are made with them for a certain document, thus effecting their score?

I tried checking the wiki, particularly Phoenix for beginners, but could not find info on it. Also the Do’s and Don’t’s link is broken for @Peepo’s Topic.



We try to avoid duplicate points as they interfere with the score (see How are classifications calculated for details).

If you find two quotes that could fit with a case, I’d recommend your second proposal:

As a curator, your task would also be declining duplicate points other users may have created so that ratings reach the maximum of accuracy.

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