My business down cause of unknown privacy practices, warring sign

Hello ToS;DR Thank you so much for open up my eyes, creating awareness to the community, I just came to know ToS;DR forum.
My name is Raj independent film maker, small business owner,
It’s been lot of stress and financially stuck, because my online business video streaming site is blocked.
Investors are choking my throat, its been going on for past 6 months developers can’t fix it.we updated 2 different SSLs : Symantec , LetsEncrypt SSL/ TLS, CA certificates, still site having the issues.
I am hoping SOON will be fixed.
Please guide.

Thank you.

Raj Thiruselvan
Producer, Director

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Hi there,

In general we do not block stuff.

Your issue is that your SSL certificate is not valid which has nothing to do with ToS;DR

You need to add as an alternative DNS in the cert


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