Network Wide Reboot

At June 30th, 23:00 CET we will be performing Server Optimizations on our whole infrastructure and will optimize disk storage and reboot the servers accordingly. During this down time, ToS;DR will be completely offline for approximately a couple minutes. Specific components may take longer to boot up and can be offline for a longer time.

What does this mean?

It means the following services wont be available until servers have rebooted.,,,,,
Browser Extensions (Uncached),,,,,,,

Crawlers (Arachne Crawler, Atlas Crawler, AvidReader Crawler, Floppy Crawler, James Crawler, NosyPeeper Crawler, Whale Crawler, Silas Crawler),

Infrastructure (Search Engine Node, Shields API, Deployment Server, Atlas RDS, Filesystem Caches, VLAN), and DBMS (Arachne PGSQL, Atlas PGSQL, Atlas MariaDB).

In case you are using the API, please note that during the downtime web requests will be rejected. The maintenance starts in 2.5 Weeks from now on, plenty of time to prepare!