New "Comprehensively Reviewed" System

Hi folks!

Internally, we have talked about it quite a while.

The plans we had were to deprecate our old review checklist, which was used to establish what a service would qualify as “comprehensively reviewed”, and replace it with a new system based on the amount of approved points per service.

Today we have implemented this change and are saying Goodbye to our old Review Checklist system.

Now, an automated job will run every hour to check for services with more than 20 approved points. If a service which didn’t have this flag on it is found, and meets the already established minimum, it will be flagged as such!

This should help with making our reviews much more available both on our Frontpage and our Browser Extensions (as these won’t appear if a service is not marked as comprehensively reviewed).

This does not mean that Curators should not check the box manually. For example, if a service cannot reach the threshold of 20 points, but basically every possible point has been created, feel free to mark it manually!


Great job team! Exciting news to hear. Keep up the awesome work!