Phoenix bug when amending excerpts

It doesn’t seem to like including the original excerpt as a substring.


doesn’t work:

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+1, my fix was to decline my own point and create a new one which of course isn’t feasable for non contributors.

Possible solution would be not to render links when clicking on “Change Excerpt”

Sadly I have little to none experience in ruby and I am not able to make a PR myself. Maybe @michielbdejong could chime in?

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Looked through Github and found this line:

Possibly add an if to compare for a matching ID.

if snippet[:pointId] == or something like that. Which wouldn’t be a problem as the “Change Excerpt” button adds the GET parameter point_id

(Line 36 makes use of the GET parameter as well)

Github: Remove link when changing an excerpt · Issue #921 · tosdr/ · GitHub

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Unfortunately this error persists :cry:


Yes I have opened an issue on github for this however development is a bit slow as its voluntarily based.