PrivacyTools misses its logo in ToS;DR

PrivacyTools has a “missing logo” PrivacyTools -- Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Here you can find the brand logos GitHub - privacytools/brand: Logos and other information related to the PrivacyTools brand


Hi @CapoFantasma97!
Thanks for proposing this icon.
We have a submission wizard for services logos:
Could you please submit the logo using it? (the format has to be png or svg, with a size of 72*72)

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I will.

However, it seems I am unable to reply to this other thread PrivacyTools Forum

I disagree that they should be “fused together”. They might use the same top-level domain, but they’re different services: one is a website that’s merely meant for browsing, the other is a forum, powered by Discourse. The ToS and Privacy Policy differ in this aspect.

This is the website’s privacy policy, this is the forum’s. They are different.

The forum has Terms of Service, the website doesn’t but has Notices and Disclaimers (privacytools dot io notices) with differing content.

I think it’s very wrong to just fuse everything together if they have the same top level domain, as like in this case, said domain can be shared for different purposes that run on differing software, and that need and use differing ToS and Privacy Policies.


Definitely agree with this. I’ll reset the request so it can be added accordingly


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