Provide onion service

Proposing to provide an onion-service for tosdr so that the relevant users could skip the exit node to access the website.

See Provide GitHub as Onion Service (The Onion Routing) · Discussion #2843 · community/community · GitHub for more informations.


We had an onion earlier, due to capacity issues we stopped providing it.

I’ll look into adding it again due to a hardware upgrade.


In about 15 minutes we will go into maintenance to add onion services back again.

Due to technical limitations we are only able to provide an onion service for the following hosts:
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The onion service has been deployed, below are the uris.
(The maintenance is still going until we verified everything works correctly)

ybf3byfbutzozmau4elus7zm5feo3cqvy74er4qnxkgicbatzfq3qhqd.onion -
cphdgvjdcet6ctztiqxabspxqojhafygqtfcjztxxn5jfngizzsp7tqd.onion -
xkp3bueakhnea3hw4t4izybudyysnoc4jt746z7555mpv2w4p73ihhyd.onion -
6tc72lnilgt4dn2u6qk44vfns2qca552smajbilfcl6zs7ezf7emhbad.onion -
5qicbosngbkejsqpkywunvechlmcivsnhy2u5pbhtxd2laq5p7ufohid.onion -

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