Recrawling and Deleting Documents

When messing with the dynamically javascript built documents of the service MeWe (service-1564), I attempted creating a new document with the same name, hoping it would crawl correctly with the latest crawler fixes and override the existing one. However I ran into the 500 internal server error because this was before that fix, and ended up with another blank Terms of Service document (document-3567).

  1. Who has the power to remove extraneous documents, since any reviewer can add them? How do we notify them that a document needs to be removed?

  2. Is there a way to force a recrawl of the document from the Phoenix site?

The issue with dynamically javascript built documents has been noted on the GitHub, and I will wait for its closure before addressing the service again.

As you aren’t a curator you should not be able to create documents anymore or recrawl them (as of yesterday Honor policies now and restrict adding documents and crawling to cura… · tosdr/ · GitHub)

I have destroyed the document now.

Curators and Admins can, best is to open a forum thread like you did :slight_smile:

Same principle as above, being a curator and admin allows you to do so.


This has now been implemented. I have also recrawled the documents for MeWe


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