Remove/Destroy Service 440

According to curator Michael, pebble no longer exists, as it was sold to fitbit in 2016.
You can see in the comment that was wrote in 2018, So, we need to remove/destroy service 440, if you visit service as, it would convert to, making you visit the service Fitbit, but fitbit is already in our database, if you update the service 440 to fitbit, it would be another service in our database

Pebble (Service 440): Service pebble (ToS;DR Phoenix) (

Fitbit (Service 336): Service Fitbit (ToS;DR Phoenix) (

File a service modification request, please. :grinning:

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Are you saying that I need to update Pebble to Fitbit by filing a service modification request? If so, then I cannot file a service modification request because we do not keep another service and the service that is duplicated

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