Rough draft checklist

The previous checklist was getting kind of old (made in 2014) and I wanted to update it. Here is the old list: This checklist is supposed to be a guide for contributors and moderators to follow. Other points are seriously recommended but the list would be the absolute minimum in order to mark a service as comprehensively reviewed and have it show up on the tosdr site/extension.

This is the rough draft checklist:
-Can they delete your account or content without reason or notice?
-Can you opt out of things? (promotions, selling data, targeted advertising, etc.)
-What rights do you waive? (moral, class action)
-Do they notify you of changes in their Terms?
-Do they respect DNT signals?
-Do you indemnify and/or defend the service in disputes?
-What copyrights do you give them to use your content?
-What happens to your data after a request for deletion? How long do they keep that information?
-How do they respond to government requests for your information? Do they notify you?
-Do they sell or give out your personal data to third parties? What about in the event of a merger or bankruptcy?
-Do they or third parties track you?
-What kind of information do they collect? (biometric, location, etc.)
-Do they say how they collect or plan to use your data?

Iā€™d love your thoughts on the new draft


Quite a comprehensive review! I like it too much man.